“Your pragmatic “no bullshit” approach to business is a breath of fresh air in a market where style is often a disguise for lack of substance!”

MD, Data Marketing Agency

“You have managed to get us in front of brands we could only dream of. Not only that, but you’ve been instrumental and extremely helpful with overall the new business and marketing strategy”

MD, Agency Group

“You’re the best kept secret in agency new business – lucky for us”

MD Creative & Direct Agency

“You’ve all been an integral part of our turnaround story and present success – thank you”

CEO Integrated agency

“I can genuinely attribute the doubling of my agency GP in two years directly to HCA and helping me to buy my dream car.”

MD, PR Agency

“The reason I wanted to meet you was in all my years in marketing this was the first time I had ever had a conversation with a new business person that didn’t sell to me – they understood the issues my business was facing and presented me with well thought through solutions”

Head of Marketing, Automotive – verbal to client at meeting

“What can I say? Your letter was by far the best piece of new business comms that I have EVER seen – I loved it. When can you come and talk to me?

Head of Marketing, Telecoms – inbound email to agency CEO

“The pack you put together was genius I want to be surrounded by agencies that can think creatively when can we meet?”

MD, leading fashion brand – via agency Twitter feed

“I loved your insightful approach when can you come and help us do the same?

Marketing Director, leading FMCG – via direct tweet